Graduate Student Programs

JIGSA, the Jewish and Israel Studies Graduate Student Association at Columbia University is a peer-led graduate student group, which brings together graduate students from varying disciplines, all of whom share an interest in topics of concern to the study of Jewish experience and culture, and the broader application of this investigation. With members from departments across Columbia University and its neighboring schools, JIGSA seeks to build a supportive and stimulating community, one that provides a friendly and supportive environment for rigorous intellectual inquiry. At the center of this activity is the peer-run graduate student spring seminar, which aims to provide a space for graduate students to air their thoughts and ideas at any stage of development with the collective intellectual resources of our graduate community, who bring their knowledge and expertise to bear on one another's work. Throughout the year JIGSA also hosts lecture events, seminars and an annual conference, all of which aim to address and support the wide variety of its members’ projects and interests. If you are interested in participating or want to learn more, please contact Jessica Kirzane at


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