Peace Parks Along Israeli-Arab Borders: Hopes and Reality

November 20, 2013
12:00pm till 1:30am
Location: Hillel at Cafe Nana (2nd Floor)

Come hear more about an upcoming course for Spring 2014 entitled: Environment and Sustainability in Israel – Between the Local and the Regional in a talk entitled: Peace Parks along Israeli-Arab Borders: Hopes and Reality

Peace parks are trans-boundary areas designated by neighboring states with the dual aim of nature protection and promotion of peace and cooperation. This phenomena is part of the growing worldwide understanding that environment can play a role in the stability of international relations and in conflict resolution processes. In this talk Shahar Sadeh will uncover the rich and unknown history of peace parks initiatives along the Israeli-Arab borders. Explore the different actors and institutions that took part in these processes and question the potential of the environment to serve as a catalyst for peace in the Middle Eastern reality. 



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